Many Questions.... Please comment with your thoughts. Thank you.

How does tinkering always lead me to a full on restoration project!!!!! The car ran and drove fine when I got it and on the surface everything looked fine. For christ sake I drove it from Seattle to Phoenix after buying it sight unseen except for blurry ebay pictures.!!! ARG.. it is my personality to pick everything apart and try to fix it and make it better I guess.


- the ones that run :)




11-9-06 Built the cart

09-10-06 some pics..




03-02-06 - more pics

02-21-06 - more pics


Parts off the car finally organized a bit.

Worn through and cracked up a bit. Anybody in Phoenix area really good with fiberglass?

Worn through under front right.

Front clip off.

Little bubble or Ii think its called pull back?

Fog lamp brackets. Looks like someone was learning to weld on one and got better on the 2nd.

Removed windshield trim. I want to smooth out this area like on newer cars.

Firewall needs fixed still

Hole-y shit.

Trailing arm mount looks ok but pitted a lot. I think the frame rail behind the engine suspension mount  is weak or gone.

I hate these damn floors.


Interior progress - after removing the tar residue as best I could.

Engine bay... man i need to get that rust off the rear suspension hanger part (named what again?)

Harness out... all in one piece - no cutting well, not wires just the rubber casings and grommets sometimes.

Engine shelf metal. Wont need that with water cooled. Again, who wants a nice air cooled 2.0.

Riding high now with nothing in it... I think I need some bigger wheels anyway with these wheel wells.


Here is what the Chalon front fender looks like as it drops past the body after the tire... this little shit made it impossible to get the rocker off without bending the hell out of it.... o well. Not sure I'll bother putting em back on anyway. The Chalon kit has squared rocker covers and this car will never see rain or dirt again..

What came out of the rockers on both sides. DUST/DIRT!!!! Even still, they are not rusted badly.

Jack inserts... only place the rockers are rusted.

No engine!


Suspension mount - Replace?

Engine hanger condition... Little rusty...

Drivers corner... not bad

Passenger hell

My baby...

Damn cart.

Out, and more than likely never ever to return... who wants to buy?


To recap really quick..... I didn't think it was THAT bad... then I discovered that part of that frame rail was FIBERGLASS!

Slowly uncovering the fiberglass fix.

There it is... the not so pleasant truth about this car.

Firewall pics.


Before wire wheel.

After wire wheel.

No more seam filler ugliness to hide rust lurking below it.

Unfortunately wire wheeling the drivers side found more pinholes... (or are they just holes?)

This is what seam filler turns to when you wire wheel it off.... goooooo!

Pedal board soon after this pic decided to break itself... (i dont know, ask him)

Everything is solid with not even surface rust except for the highlighted areas which I think have just

Floor after removing tar sound deadening. QUESTION: Best way to get this clean and ready for paint? Don't tell me I have to wire wheel it all!

A pic before removing tar. (Only burnt myself twice with the heat gun...lil bastard)

The tar... I will weigh it... maybe 15 lbs guessing right now.

Some of the not so lucky places where tar was not covering... (actually it helped makes this shit)

Front trunk before and during.... after still to come. (and probably more during pics too..)

Ebrake was a mutha fucka... cable stay pin was rusted to the cable end. The c clip disintegrated when I touched it. All in all it was a bitch to get off and I'll have to find a replacement pin or something when I decide to put it back together. (if I dont find another solution for the E brake. I don't particularly like it in that position. It interferes with the drivers seat. Porsche could have thought of a better solution for it.

Rust in a place I really wish I had never found.

Under cowl shots...

Another infamous hell hole shot.

See what I was talking about with my side window molding without a gutter...

New Toy :) Makes life much easier when you can actually lift the car high enough to get jack stands at a level you can get under the car!



Used to be such a pretty color blue!

Surface rust on the brake fluid reservoir. Lines feel really stiff and brittle. I can do that without rebleeding everything right? Should bleed and replace fluid and all lines anyway.

Surface rust... It wiped right off the tank. Tank is ok.

Looks like water is getting in through the wiper assembly.

Slight surface rust up in there.

Most of what looks like rust in the bottom there is actually dried up decayed and rotten carpet that the guy had tried to install over the top of the gas tank etc... when I bought the car I couldn't find the gas filler for like 20 minutes because it was underneath  carpet. (No, I'd never driven or known anyone with a 914... well one guy, it was a 914-6 that was awesome. He took me for a ride when I asked him how he lived without torque. His response was this is how, get in.) I understood.

Not much to say there.

That's the rust flow from the wiper assembly.

Not good, passenger corner where the hood meets the cowl.

Front passenger headlight area.

Front head light area at very front of the car. These are the only spots where the molding rail is rusty.

And one from behind the passenger seat in the cab.


Hell holes.... Looks like my passenger side frame rail and engine mount seem solid as solid gets, its the rest of it that looks terrible.

Drivers side had a lot of dirt/dust metal bits etc... but seems solid except for the firewall. How much to repair/replace the firewall... is there a replacement full panel?


Fuel Tank - SHIT! Looks like a bit of a slow leak. Will pull the tank later tonight (10-9-05)

Outside Rocker (Chalon has a extra piece of metal covering the actual rocker.

Missing a bushing? I think that its the one the shop I had do the clutch swap gave me.. They got it after they were done and I told them I would put it on.

Looks solid. I think the undercoating COVERING thickly the bottom of this car actually worked!


A look at the firewall and engine shelf from beneath the car looking towards the passenger side hell hole.

Leaking oil from many places. 142k miles and I doubt the engine has ever been out of the car from the looks of everything here.

Ok somebody tell me that this looks like surface minor rust on the engine mount support on the passenger side beneath the hell hole. Are those factory welds? Shitty. Shouldn't that be one seam welded not just stitched?

Hell hole from below.... how's things look to you guys? 1-10? a 6?

Surface rust at this front loop? why is this here? What function does this piece serve to be welded to the center of the tunnel beginning? It is NOT the tow loop.

Some cob webs. Sad... What plugs is this that is unplugged? how do I know how to plug it back in?

Front trunk well is solid.



Who the hell riveted this mount here? My god! is that why my rear deck doesn't line up as well as it should? (see below)

Obviously NOT GOOD... will most likely fix when engine is out.

How tough is it to install pin mounted fiberglass or carbon rear deck? How much weight is saved?


Why is my rear side window seal screwed to the car? I have no "groove" for it, and I'm pretty sure the correct seal slides into a grove? Please. SOMEBODY take a picture of your stock window seal and how it is supposed to be installed.... Thanks...

Thanks to dmenche914 on for responding about my window seals.. Still Looking for a pic.

"You ought to be able to get the aluminum channel from a swap meet, or post a wanted ad for a pair (right and left are different, get one of each) The channel screws onto the roll bar with some sealant under it, then the rubber slips in (with a small screw to prevent it from moving out)"

Is this hood sheet metal separating from the frame common? A problem?

Thanks to dmenche914 on for responding about hood too...

You front hood separating problem appears normal, mine has some gaps under some of the framing on the rear edge.