Dual TBI (Urban Legend?)

Machined and installed bearings for throttle shaft... don't remember who did this... not me...

Various TBI unit pictures

Looks good doesn't it...

Stainless fuel line install

CAD - Yes, I had the free time to put a pod into AutoCAD Solids.

Cutaway of a POD

Problem when you install a bigger bore TBI without installing a pod spacer - Fuel hits the blades vs the bore walls at the blades.

Pods and Injectors


Pod Rebuild Kit

Rob's Truck w/ TBI

Unique Idea used by a shop for a circle track car restricted to 2bbl carbs...

Intake Manifolds

TBI Minimalist Harness

Other hacked harness parts


4 BBL Aftermarket

Unkown? Chrysler late model TBI?


What the hell is this?

TPS on the TBI units.


Tech Diagrams and Instructions


My old cars 454 TBI installed on a stock 305 (STUPID - please don't do this, this was when I didn't know anything)

A Problem?

Exploded Injector

IAC (Idle Air Temp) Sensor

IAT (Intake Air Temperature) Sensor

02 (Oxygen) Sensor

Fan Switch

Air Tube Parts (Air injection into exhaust - Emissions)

White Faced Gauges, Older Style (Print and past to your own)

Old 454 Style TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (Screw in = Higher Pressure, Out = Lower)

An exploded up Throttle Linkage

A Spark Plug (you are a dumb-ass if you don't know what that is. Leave my site now.)

TBI Distributor

160 Degree Thermostat (they all look the same)